My father was one of the biggest 'rock hounds' around and shared his passion with a few of his dear friends as well.  On one of his outings, he happened to dig up an odd piece of rock.  As he washed off the mud, he noticed an unusual 'shining' on the rock's outer, sandy surface.  He cut his digging adventure short that day to head back home, anxiously awaiting the moment he could cut into his find.  He sawed into the rock and as the water ran over it, there was an amazing colorful 'glittery' glow that appeared in the rock.   Naturally, he couldn't wait to go back to the spot to see if he could find more!

He was one of the original people to discover the vein of rock that is

now known as 'Louisiana Opal'.  I remember him calling me

one day telling me of his discovery and how excited he was!  He kept calling

it the 'rock with fire'.  Since I lived in California at the time, and it was way before the era of 'snap and send', it was a while before I was able to actually

get a glimpse of the 'rock with fire'.

Once I did, I was hooked!  It was kinda on the raw and unfinished side but 

it was love at first site.  It was like this for many rock hounds who were able to experience this wondrous find.  The unfortunate thing was that the vein of rock that was discovered turned out to be on private land unbeknownst to my father and some of his cohorts.  Upon this realization, he immediately stopped the dig.  Others, however, did not and it turned into quite the conflict.  My dad offered to give the land owners back his portion of the find but they graciously allowed him to keep all of the 'rock with fire'.  

Many years have passed and so have my mother and father.  I am blessed with his wondrous collection of both raw and finished Louisiana Opal.  There's entirely too much for one person so I thought I would 'share the wealth'.